Knowledge Is Sales offers a unique, contemporary teaching solution for the fashion industry.

This Texas-based company provides and publishes innovative and practical informational resources for all levels of the fashion industry.

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Founder and author BJ Wilson draws from over three decades of experience working in the world of fashion to present hands-on, groundbreaking material that will shape future generations of fashion professionals.

Knowledge Is Sales’ learning resources have expansive, comprehensive, and practical applications. Whether you are a major retailer, an educator, or entrepreneur wanting to start your own fashion consulting business, our products, workbooks, and practical guides are your solution to succeed in the exciting fashion industry.

Fashion Entrepreneurs

Do you have a Passion for Fashion?
Do you want to increase your fashion knowledge and learn new skills?
Do you want to start an exciting and lucrative career?

Professional opportunities abound for knowledgeable, talented fashion stylists, image and wardrobe consultants, fashion bloggers, and personal shoppers. Now is the time to launch your career in this fun, exciting, and well-paid field.

Learn how to get started and how to build a successful consulting business from BJ Wilson, fashion specialist and author of An Expert’s Guide to Fashion Styling: A Workbook and Practical Guide

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For Educators

There is a void in the Fashion Retail Industry for educated, knowledgeable and trained young professionals.

Are you ready to equip your students with the knowledge to pave their way to a successful career?

The Fashion Cycle: Strategic Buying & Selling for Retail: A Workbook and Practical Guide will:

  • Prepare students to work in the retail fashion industry
  • Arm students with real-world knowledge and insight into the industry
  • Prepare them with skills needed to start their own fashion business
  • Show students that fashion is a successful career path
  • Transform academic teaching into market-ready experience

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Fashion Retail Training

Great sales associates are not found – THEY ARE TRAINED!

Our specialized training, developed from The Fashion Cycle: Strategic Buying & Selling for Retail, offers expert, extensive fashion retail training for key team members.

Our training will:

  • Automatically increase sales,
    UPT (units per transaction)
  • Increase customer spending
  • Build strong and loyal customer base

Are you ready to equip your employees with A New Way to Sell?

  • Create More Value
  • Set the New Standard
  • Enrich the Lives of Customers!

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