About The Author

About The Author

Fashion specialist and author BJ Wilson, founder and owner of BJ Wilson and Company – A Professional Wardrobe Consulting Firm in Fort Worth, Texas, realized the demand for trained fashion experts, and was inspired to share her expansive knowledge with students and up-and-coming professionals who will define the future of the fashion industry.

Ms. Wilson has over 25 years of working experience in the fashion retail industry as a retail manager, sales associate, and apparel and accessory buyer for several boutiques (and later her own). She has shopped in all the major fashion markets in the country, which has given her a valuable education in how the fashion industry operates. Understanding the retail buying cycles, she developed The BJ Wilson Wardrobe Consulting Process™, based on the four seasons of the year. She then started her own fashion consulting firm, BJ Wilson & Company, as a wardrobe consultant and personal shopper, and later developed a training program to teach others her effective wardrobe consulting process.

She penned her educational books to teach the fundamentals of wardrobe styling techniques to fashion professionals and to address the need for talent in today’s fashion retail marketplace.

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BJ Wilson Founder & Fashion Specialist

To do something well, you must like what you are doing and have a strong interest in it. With a happy attitude about your work, your heart will be in it, your mind will be engaged and you will grow in skill and confidence the more you apply yourself. Your interest in fashion will motivate you to learn, keep learning, and spur you on to build the career you want. Everyone needs this cornerstone to start, a ‘passion for fashion’ is a must! ”– BJ Wilson, Author

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