Fashion Retail Training

Knowledge Is Sales is excited to introduce A New Way to Sell. Our Fashion Retail Training is a proven retail training concept that has been used in retail environments to train “Key Retail Team Members.” Our fashion retail training program is developed from The Fashion Cycle: Strategic Buying & Selling for Retail by BJ Wilson.

Her primary focus throughout The Fashion Cycle has been the overall benefits achieved through a seasonal sales approach, in-store wardrobe planning and in-store personal shopping. It all begins, however, with engaged staff armed with robust product knowledge, smart personal style and exceptional customer service.

A New Way to Sell educates sales associates, raises sales and increases customer satisfaction. Our training team will work closely with your team to design a company-specific training curriculum that will emphasize your company’s sales goals, spotlight your unique corporate culture and integrate your company specific terminology. We will also deliver a fashion retail training curriculum that is branded specifically for your organization.

Workshop #1 – The Key Team Members:

  1. Wholesale Representative
    Designer and Wholesale Representative Responsibility
    b. Regional Representative and Buyer Relationship
  2. Buyers
  3. Visual Merchandisers
  4. Store Management
  5. Sales Associates
  6. The Importance of Seasonal Sales
  7. Wholesale Market Calendar


Workshop #2 – Customer Service – Our training presents a comprehensive guide on the fundamentals of exceptional customer service.

  1. Three Characteristics of Exceptional Customer Service
  2. How to Greet Customers
  3. The Customer Relationship
  4. The Do’s and Don’t’s of Approaching Customers


Workshop #3 – A New Way to Sell

  1. Introduction: A New Way to Sell
  2. Preparing for Selling Season
  3. The BJ Wilson In-Store Wardrobe Consulting Process™ Setp-by-Step
    This Process will automatically increase sales, UPT (units per transaction) and customer spending, as well as build a strong and loyal customer base.
  4. In- Store Personal Shopper Training
    Key staff will be trained in the eight steps of becoming an In-Store Personal Shopper with the ability to provide a one-on-one personalized and immersive styling experience for your customers. Turn your staff into professional, confident and effortless personal shoppers. Gain increase spending and loyalty, and create more opportunities to see your customers through in-store consultations.
    a. Customer Profile Review
    b. In-Store Appointment
    c. Pre-shop
    d. Prep the Dressing Room
    e. Present Merchandise or Wardrobe
    f. Professional Fitting
    g. Alterations
    h. Final Appointment
  5. Building Customer Relationships
  6. Additional Opportunities to Make a Sale
  7. Suggestive Selling in Retail
  8. Choose a Color Scheme
  9. Know Your Inventory
  10. Focus on Trends


Benefits to Retailers:

  • Increased Sales Revenue: Knowledgeable associates project more confidence and therefore sell more!
  • Boost Employee Retention: Increased revenue leads to higher commissions and improved morale.
  • Inspire Customer Loyalty: Better service builds strong customer relationships and a more predictable bottom line.


Benefits to Sales Associates & Mangers:

  • Maximize Sales Opportunities. Customers will view their trained associates as a trusted advisor.
  • Raise Customer Confidence: Customers are better dressed and serviced and will return seasonally to continuously update their wardrobes.


Bottom Line: Sales associated who are well trained will experience greater success and make higher commissions than those who are not. As a result, associates will retain their employment longer and deliver better service – Increasing consumer confidence in your brand!

A Testimonial from a retailer who experiences a 25% increase after implementing our time-tested process at one of his locations:

“We dared to be different with BJ Wilson’s business-within-a-business and the concept brought in many customers we would have never met. It was a win-win situation for our Fort Worth store. We were in a new league. We were challenged and winning!”  – Stanley Strum

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